Did you make a healthy weight loss resolution for the New Year? If so, you might want to fill your cup with ChaiCo® every day. With all natural ingredients you can pronounce, it’s the best way to enhance natural weight loss.

Along with other healthy habits, you’ll find the spices we include in our special blend to encourage your goals along. Backed by science, herbal weight loss is possible when you put ChaiCo® on the table. Drinking it daily is the key to making those healthy weight loss resolutions really stick.

So, what’s in ChaiCo® that can help you burn fat?

Sometimes, you need a little help shaking off that fat. Instead of choosing diet pills with harmful ingredients, go for herbal weight loss through ChaiCo® which has been using the same natural ingredients for over 100 years. Our unique composition aids in weight loss the natural way.


Cinnamon does more than add a warm and delightfully sweet taste. It also possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties plus antioxidants. Studies have shown that cinnamon can do all that plus help regulate blood sugar levels. And the best part? It tastes so good you won’t miss sugar!


Ginger has been used since ancient times in Asian cultures as an overall healer. It’s also naturally anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants, plus it’s fantastic for relieving gastrointestinal woes. This spicy root adds a layer of complexity to the flavor profile of ChaiCo® while giving you more healthy benefits.


With the great flavor cardamom adds, you might not realize just how good it is for you. Cardamom is wonderful for lowering blood pressure. For many people trying to lose weight, high blood pressure is also a large concern. Filling your cup with ChaiCo® each day gives you access to this spice that will help you keep your health in check and help you work your way to healthy weight loss.


Nutmeg is one of the spices that make up the famed mix everyone uses for holiday pumpkin desserts. Like cinnamon, it has a warming quality. It also helps your body detox and naturally relieves pain. Clearing out the toxins in your body rounds out the natural weight loss experience for your best results.

Then there’s ChaiCo’s ultra-light roasted coffee. When it comes to the roasting process for coffee beans, it changes the chemical and physiological composition. By sticking with an ultra-light roasting method, ChaiCo® retains all those beneficial components like the antioxidants that keep you healthy plus other naturally beneficial ingredients.

Eat healthy, exercise, and go for herbal weight loss with ChaiCo®. It’s the delicious way to make good on your healthy resolutions. Experience the difference naturally when embarking on your healthy weight loss journey!


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