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Have you ever seen ‘white coffee’ listed on the menu at a coffeehouse and wondered what it was? Perhaps you never even knew of its existence, but now that you do, you should consider giving it a try.


White coffee is roasted very slowly and is lightly roasted. It’s quite different from regular coffee that you likely drink each day, but you’ll certainly love it just as much, perhaps even more!

Differences Between White Coffee and Regular Coffee

White coffee has a very different flavor profile plus more caffeine than most types of regular coffee. That’s good news if you need a jumpstart in the morning or afternoon. Because the beans are harder, it is usually sold already ground to simplify your life and prevent damaging your own coffee grinder.


White coffee can be made from either Arabica or Robusta and comes from green coffee beans just as regular coffee does. The differences here is how long it is roasted and the temperatures used to do the roasting. Roasting is what affects the flavor and color of coffee beans. The longer they roast, the darker and less dense they become. So with white coffee, the beans are much lighter in color and much harder too.

Let’s Talk About White Coffee’s Caffeine Content

As mentioned, white coffee has more caffeine than most types of regular coffee. There’s quite a bit of debate about how much more caffeine it has but the numbers tend to range from 50% to 75% more. While there’s no confirmed answer on how much more, it is certain that white coffee contains more caffeine because of the roasting process.


When roasting beans, it affects the caffeine content. The darker the roast is, the lower the caffeine will be. White coffee has such a light roast that it is more caffeinated than darker roasts. Weighing the beans will show you that they are denser and hence, more caffeinated too. You’d need fewer white coffee beans to get the same weight as their darker counterparts.

So, What Does It Taste Like?

White coffee has a wonderful taste. It’s light and nutty, and quite pleasurable. You’ll find this a big contrast to the rich, smoky, and bitter flavors that you get in medium or dark roasts. White coffee looks tastes, and smells lighter, looking more like tea than coffee. You’re getting more of the flavors that come from the greenness of the coffee beans because it’s so lightly roasted. Some say it even smells a little like grass or hay, but with one sip, you will surely appreciate this new flavor sensation.

Get Great Benefits Through White Coffee

White coffee has more antioxidants than the already antioxidant-rich regular coffee. Among them, it has more chlorogenic acid. If you’re concerned about your health, adding white coffee to your day can help you get even more beneficial antioxidants to support your wellness.


When the beans are lightly roasted as they are with white coffee, it doesn’t alter much of the chemical profile in the beans. This means that the nutrient profile will be more the same of the original green coffee bean.


Additionally, those that drink white coffee find it is easier on their stomachs than other, darker roasts of coffee. It seems to help with digestion, boost energy, and give a satisfying experience.

Making White Coffee at Home

White coffee can be brewed with your coffee machine just as you’d use it for regular coffee. However, as the beans are so much harder, they could damage your grinder. That’s why you’ll mostly only find it sold already ground.


You should certainly try white coffee the way it is and see what you think. It might take some getting used to. In fact, we recommend to fill your brewer with a scoop of your favorite roast and a scoop of white coffee for a wonderful hybrid flavor. Other ways to get into it are to add it to smoothies which can blend the taste with your favorite fruits and vegetables while giving you that much-needed caffeine.


Do you have an espresso machine? You can make it as an espresso too or create other coffee drinks with white coffee and your favorite cream, milk, or dairy-free milk, and sugar too.

Brewing Tips to Help You Succeed with White Coffee

While you can brew white coffee at home with ease, if you’re using certain machines, you may need a few extra pointers. For example, if using an espresso machine, you shouldn’t tamp it because white coffee expands as it brews.


Certain coffee machines make the experience even better. A Hario V60 or Chemex are each nice options because they slow down the brewing process which can help bring out the flavors more than an ordinary drip-style machine.


If you have a French press, you can play with the steeping time to see how you like the flavors the most. It really allows you to experiment and get white coffee just the way you want it. Moka pots also make for a strong cup of coffee though certainly not as strong as an espresso machine would.

Final Thoughts on White Coffee

White coffee has a different taste, more caffeine, and a unique appeal with another set of health benefits from regular coffee. Give it a try and you might find you really enjoy this nutty, naturally light flavor to change up your habits a bit. Remember, you can add your favorite things to it or be creative with coffee drink concoctions too. It’s certainly different from regular coffee but that’s what makes it so beloved by so many, even those that normally don’t like coffee. Try it!

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