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Light roast coffee might be Healthier

Before enjoying your next cup of white coffee, you may want to consider what's in your mug. Coffee is widely available in a variety of intensities, which is known to grow in different countries (at least 5), with a plethora of plant species to choose from. While experts continue to argue back and forth in regards to how coffee may or may not adversely affect our health, we have conjured up eight talking points on the amusing topic of light roasts versus dark.


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While coffee undergoes multiple chemical and physiological changes throughout the roasting process, these alterations to the beans' composition result in a light, medium or dark roast - something for everyone to enjoy. As the temperature increases, though, changes to many naturally occurring aspects of nutrients take place. Because a lighter roast would logically experience a milder level of heat during roasting, the coffee beans would retain more of its natural balance and, therefore, benefits.


The secret super antioxidant of coffee, known as chlorogenic acid, is key to benefiting diabetes along with weight management, to name a few. Light coffee contains more of this phytochemical than dark, providing 12% of the sheer weight of dry beans, which diminishes with the increase of heat during the roasting process. While chlorogenic acid produces similar effects as caffeine at a less potent level, its benefits individuals of all ages.  As the body deteriorates, it experiences a decline in chlorogenic acid, leaving it prone to inflammation of varying levels – a common precursor to hypertension, heart attacks and more.


Contrary to popular belief, dark roast coffee contains lower levels of caffeine than a lighter roast. This is simply because caffeine decreases during processing, much like chlorogenic acid. Light, whole bean coffee, prepped for brewing in a grinder, has been found to contain more amounts of caffeine than whole bean dark roast. These numerous health benefits make light roasts a healthier option in comparison to roasts that have been subjected to more lengthy processing.


So many possible benefits

Weight Loss & Heart Health
Aside from high levels of caffeine strengthening heart muscles, light coffee enhances their muscular function and extends performance. Caffeine also helps with weight loss by reducing food cravings, especially for sugary foods, and increasing the rate of metabolism (which triggers weight gain).


Men's Reproductive Health

Perk up, men! Light roast coffee offers several benefits to reproductive health in various ways. Caffeine causes an increase of semen volume in men, as well as reduces sperm fragmentation and erectile dysfunction risks.


Hair Loss Prevention
Maintaining a youthful appearance without the need for medication is easily done with a naturally preserved hairline. Light roast coffee aids in the battle against hair loss and balding, due to the fact that caffeine stimulates hair growth. Because high levels of energy are required in order for hair to continue growing, caffeine can provide a multitude of properties to benefit distinct parts of the body.


Increase in Memory and Alertness

Considering how caffeine increases memory, in addition to how shorter roasting time equals higher levels of caffeine, light roasts benefiting alertness is a no-brainer. Caffeine has been shown to improve logical thinking during long stretches of sleeplessness, also working to break down carbs in higher concentrations (supplying the body with more energy). And, if your colon demands a boost, light roast prevents build-up of waste, providing an efficient form of cleansing.


Liver Disease Prevention

Diseases such as fatty liver disease are prevented by high concentrations of caffeine, in addition to fatty liver disease and liver fibrosis (in hepatitis C patients). By promoting healthier function and detoxing the liver, light roast coffee enhances organ behavior through super antioxidants such as the aforementioned chlorogenic acid. This aids the liver in breaking down cholesterol, a harmful fat.


Kidney Disease Protection

Calcium is broken down by caffeine! Therefore, consuming light roast coffee aids in the filtration of excreted wastes, resulting in a reduced risk of kidney stones,


Asthma Management

Working similarly to an asthma management drug, Theophylline, compounds found in light roast coffee may be of use. Caffeine can allow asthmatics to breathe easier by opening the airways.


Deterring Parkinson's & Alzheimer's

Due to high amounts of caffeine, at a point where antioxidants in the body begin to lower dramatically, light roast works to prevent both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Elderly people are more susceptible to illnesses that affect the brain, and caffeine protects against free radicals at higher levels – maintaining a sharper state of mind.

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