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A Letter from the founders
To all our wonderful customers, friends, and new visitors

ChaiCo®  drink company is happy to offer you the very best in our naturally healthy white coffee blend. As we’re against synthetic ingredients and being artificial, that carries over into our branding as well. This is why you won’t find us over there on social media platforms.


We’re bucking tradition and going for a more natural approach. Rather than buy stock photos or work with trendy influencers to creating a false image, we’re proud to go bare and be who we have been from the very start. After all, anyone can buy likes and reviews. We’d rather be real.


We want you to experience ChaiCo® and WhiteCo™ for all that it is. It’s about healthy white coffee with antioxidants and delicious herbs for your best wellbeing, not about selling you an image that makes you feel like your life isn’t good enough. You won’t find bikini-clad models here or couples looking happy and fulfilled walking down the beach in pure bliss. Our goal is simple…to help you enhance your health and enjoy your coffee without all the smoke and mirrors for a real life best-lived.


ChaiCo® and WhiteCo™ has been a family recipe and tradition for years and we want it to become a staple in your home without using algorithms to sway you. We want you to like us for who we are, not for some grandiose image we create. Our money is better spent on giving our employees better pay, better equipment, and better ingredients. We also prefer to spend it on donations to charities that do the most good.


As a small and independent company with an independent mindset, we distinctly choose not to influence our customers with manipulations on social media. Instead, we put our truth out there for those that seek a real experience. We’re real people making a real white coffee blend with real health benefits. Come check us out and discover what it’s like to cut out the clutter in your life.


We must be doing something right since this is the way we’ve done it since our family tradition began! So, find us right here where we belong, busy with making quality white coffee for you. We’re not over there with slick marketing to convince you otherwise. Tell us how we’re doing, ask us questions, or whatever you’d like all in one convenient place…here!

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