Our distribution centers hours of operation are from Monday through Friday,

between the hours of 8am–3pm. PST.

ChaiCo® drink company is proudly preparing the blend each and every day. Since ChaiCo® blend prepared daily, we strive to ship out orders on the same day they're placed. This can change depending on operational needs and daily volume.

*Please keep in mind that we are a small company. This means that once your order is received, we typically start the fulfillment process immediately. Because of this, any changes must be received within an hour of receiving this order confirmation email.

As soon as your order is placed, we'll send you an email letting you know we've received your information and will begin putting together your shipment. The first email you receive will have these details within it, keeping you in the loop all the way through.


The second email you receive will indicate that your order is now in transit. The details will be like the first set but will include a tracking link that will update gradually as it makes its way to you. 




​You can cancel or modify an order. There could be a $10 to $50 fee associated with those changes depending on where the order is in the shipping process.



ChaiCo® Drink Company stands behind our products 100%. If you purchased our products from one of our partners, you must work directly with them for return or product exchange.

​Products purchased directly from ChaiCo® Drink Company can always be returned within 30 (thirty) days of purchase, per the following guidelines:


Unused Product 

  1. Container must be in its original, sealed and unused condition

  2. Must provide proof of purchase (order number from our website) for a full refund or exchange

  3. Refund excludes any paid shipping charges, restocking fees of $15 dollars and/or any handling charges

  4.  Customer is responsible for return shipping costs

Used Product

  1. Open container and partial used product

  2. Once a product has been opened, ChaiCo® Drink Company is un-able to accept the return or refund this product

  3. ChaiCo® Drink Company stands behind our products and we will consider product replacement


Damaged Product

  1. ChaiCo® Drink Company will process Credit Memos for any product damaged in shipment transit from CDC warehouse to delivery location

  2. For replacement of damage product please contact customer support team who will generate the Return Authorization number and call tags to pick product up

  3. Receipt of purchase with all claims refund (for ChaiCo® Drink Company direct customers) or replacement


Manufacture Damage

  1. ChaiCo® Drink Company will replace product for Manufacture Damages (damaged seal, no seal cover).


Required documentation

  1. Proof of purchase, receipt copy

  2. Proof of purchase, copy of purchase receipt tags to pick product up

  3. Picture of damaged product

  4. Picture of UPC and Lot Code

  5. Picture of Expiration Date


Please email any inquiries regarding product, ingredients, and all other product questions to​

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