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Less roasting temperature. More nutrients. Better you.

Do you drink coffee daily? Perhaps you fill it with sugar and cream to make it taste good, or maybe you choose a coffee blend that’s loaded with ingredients you can’t exactly pronounce. Unfortunately though, you’re not getting the best benefits for your body when you drink coffee like this.


Coffee is naturally full of antioxidants and you should be taking advantage of those. But there is even more that your coffee should be doing for you. Read on to find out what!


1. It should give you energy without anxiety

​Black coffee and espresso are great but they can give you the jitters. The right coffee will give you that energy you need to power through your busy morning without anxiety or stress. Choosing a coffee that gives you the natural energy you need without making your pulse skyrocket will make all the difference.


2. Coffee should help your digestive system

Your coffee should also aid digestive processes. It’s so comforting after a nice meal. When you choose the right white coffee, it will aid digestive methods in your body with complementary ingredients that are natural yet helpful for coaxing your body into better health. Ignore white coffee brands that have artificial ingredients and instead choose ones with ginger and cinnamon, two very naturally-soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


3. It should be nutritious

With all those antioxidants, coffee itself is nutritious. The problem arises when you add creamers and sweeteners to them. For those that use instant satchels of white coffee, reading the label is important. There are often many hidden artificial ingredients in there that do you more harm than good. Look for something that gives you nourishing vitamins and minerals to supplement your day.


4. It should help with your weight loss goals

Are you trying to lose weight? Coffee can help and is very keto friendly. But it can be even more keto friendly if you choose a blend with natural herbs that may help encourage your body into better health.


5. Coffee should have natural ingredients

When it comes to coffee, there should be nothing artificial about it. That’s why ChaiCo® presents a white coffee that you can make in minutes that only contains natural ingredients. It has coffee, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. There’s nothing artificial, synthetic, or lab-created in this white coffee blend, giving you plenty more reasons to feel good with every cup.


We believe that when you eat or drink anything, you should be able to pronounce it. Keeping things naturally simple and healthy is what we love doing at ChaiCo®. Try it in your cup today to experience the difference naturally!

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